Largemouth Bass


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The largemouth bass is an olive-green to greenish gray fish, marked by a series of dark, sometimes black, blotches forming a jagged horizontal stripe along each flank. The upper jaw (maxilla) of a largemouth bass extends beyond the rear margin of the orbit. In comparison to age, a female bass is larger than a male. The largemouth is the largest of the black basses, reaching a maximum recorded overall length of 29.5 in and a maximum unofficial weight of 25 pounds 1 ounce The fish lives 16 years on average. Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) are the most popular game fish in North America. Possessing a striking complexion while being one of the top predators in the natural ecosystem, the Largemouth Bass is an astonishing aquatic animal.

*** All Fish are made of Aluminum***
*** See select materials box for options on sizes and pricing ***

*** Please specify in notes if you would like it to face left or right ***

*** Piece is made with mounting brackets welded on back ***


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Beautiful craftsmanship!! Would buy from you again. Thank you so much!

Wow!! The detail!! I am speechless, so I am typing my FIVE star satisfaction, lol !!! Thank you, I'll be back !!!

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